luni, 9 octombrie 2017

About breaking up

A breakup can always be a though thing for you. It is usually hard to get over a break up and you will see that ending a connection is never an easy experience. The most difficult situation is coping after the breakup. The worst thing about breakups that they can screw people for a long time. We tend to carry the emotional baggage from a relationship to relationship. In order to prevent this happening you should do some things.

First of all, you will have to cut all contact. You will need time to heal. If you maintain a channel of communication you may not allow those words to fully close. Deleting your ex from Facebook can be a great idea. You shouldn`t call your ex in order to see how they are doing. You shouldn`t try out to be friends if you still have romantic feelings for each other. Initiating communication again is a great idea but after a long period of time.
You will need to accept that the relationship it`s over. If you think that there is a chance that you will be back together, than you should remove this from your head. You will need to stop looking at old pictures, letters and e-mails. You will also don`t need to try to convince their friends or family to change their mind. This is considered to be manipulative.
You will need to allow yourself a time to grieve. You shouldn`t though shut yourself in and wallow in sadness. Another great idea is to be with people that are closest to you. You should be spending time with family and friends. Start exercising is a great idea. If you exercise, the body will release endorphins that will boost your mood and will help you overcoming depression. It will also improve your health.
You will also need to take into consideration to do some productive things. Investing in yourself is a great thing to do. You shouldn`t go back to them out of loneliness and guilt. You don`t need to feel that you are a bad person because of leaving a relationship. Another thing that you have to do will be to remove your ex off the pedestal. When someone rejects us we tend to look only on their negative qualities. You should stop comparing any new romance with them and you should also understand you are not worthless and you have value.

duminică, 30 iulie 2017

Matter of sex in a relationship?

I am not a specialist in this area and no I don't have to be, everything I write in this article are just the simple opinions of mine to come in the following several experiences of the couple. I feel better now that I said that, it is as a response to the haterii that they could write “how do you know that, are you sure you're a virgin who only write about something you never did”.

The relationship between two people should be based primarily on trust, or can't get to the sex, than in situations a little more special, then when the alcohol takes effect, or maybe other substances that you do not encourage you whatsoever. Once trust is in place, intercourse may become a lot more good than between two people who know each other very little time. I say this because in the bed matter many times and pleasures that one partner has outside sex. You have to keep in mind what he likes to really give a sex of good quality that helps to reach a point in which he wants.

The answer to the question from the title can not be given me, to every couple matter in an amount higher or lower, but definitely there is no couple to say that can pass over this issue without any problem. In percentages, I'd say that has more than 50% important, because sex can help you to get over the arguments simple in the couple, gives you a much better condition and makes you want more, and these things make you feel much better with your partner.

A small tip in regards to both the woman and the man: Each of the partners has a friend who knows his opinion about sex with you, maybe even more than you know, try to be your own best friend and be open with him, try to understand the fantasies and not criticism for what they do in bed.